Why Go Vintage

The lure of the past never leaves us. In fact, often this love lure draws us back to fonder memories, to dream of what might have been, or to imagine what life was like in the ‘older times.’ We are enthralled by the style, line, cut, detail, décor, fabric and grace of garments that speak of their own era, display a life of their own, and tend to transcend time with their natural aesthetics. Basically, these special garments make us feel good on many levels. This bygone fashion we term ‘vintage’ a word whose etymological roots literally stems from winemaking. A ‘vintage’ was an historic association with a particular form of grape and the combination of tastes that made the product something special all unto itself. Celebrations for a fine vintage year and the keeping of secret family recipes are at the heart of making fine wine. Making fine clothes that outlast us and still provide beauty to future wearers is at the heart of the love of vintage clothing. Vintage clothes have outlived us, worn the test of time, represent some special era or occasion. In the correct combination with today’s fashion trends, ‘vintage’ attire establishes a special blend of ‘look’ and ‘attitude’ that is timeless, elegant, fun, and aesthetically pleasing.

By choosing to reconstruct or utilize garments or pieces from garments from Great Aunt Esther or Grandmother Nora, you create something even more exceedingly special. These pieces become the next generational link to a celebrated family line for the future. By choosing to utilize family vintage pieces, you are rekindling that generational spirit that is imbued in garments worn by past family members for their own special occasions. Thus, not only do you restore a garment, you render the past alive once more in memories and the hopes surrounding the garments worn for special life transitions of formal celebrations from proms to weddings.

By choosing vintage you set your self apart from today’s point in time and place your self in a timeless place of fine design, line, and fabric that does not require a specific fashion season. You make your special occasion even more special with the choice of a one-of-a-kind garment. Essentially, all of our clothing choices are costume. Why not choose a look that not only speaks to you but also one that speaks much about you?

By choosing vintage you are not only fashion conscious regarding fine attire, you are also environmentally conscious in giving new life and meaning to a well worn, well made design or ensemble. This preservation of the past to preserve the future is not just a fashion choice. It is a preference that establishes you as someone who has consideration for the fineness of the past and the empathy to sustain future resources. Vintage is the new old way of ‘being green.’
By choosing vintage you set your self apart from the rest of the fashion trends and define your self as someone who is confident, secure, and able to fathom your own fashion ideas as well as contribute something worth saving for those with future sartorial dreams.

‘Vintage’ is not merely something old or something old turned into something new, it is a way of looking at life that values the worth and creativity of past workmanship, skill, and beauty for garments that, literally, grace our world.