Services Offered

The fine services offered by the VFR to clientele include garment alteration, replication, restoration, restructuring, and revision. Original design and custom specific work on clothing, specialty items and pieces, and costumes are also available. Bridal veils and headpieces can be custom designed.

For our on-line customers, questions regarding the ability of a garment to be altered will be answered as faithfully as possible. As this is my expertise, I can not vouch for another person’s work or ability. I can only explain what I could or would do with a garment for a restoration, alteration, revision, or reproduction.

The VFR has a selection of original dress and garment patterns from 1911 to 2011 that can be adapted for the wearer with today’s fabrics and customized accordingly. Those patterns can be viewed from the list attached to the website.

For Renaissance and Medieval players, we offer specially designed overdresses that are usually reversible. Please view the sample photos as a reference guide.

Work needed for specialty non-wearable pieces like quilts, pillows, doll clothes, etc. is also available. If you need something finely done and have a question, just phone. I will be glad to speak with you about your project or garment needs.