Service Fee Schedule

An initial visit or consultation is usually free of charge. A phone call to make an appointment is necessary for this time allotment. Once a contact has been established by which a client desires the services offered by the Vintage Fitting Room, the current service fees will begin. My fees are competitive with other salons and my services go beyond many of the same.

Upon the commencement of fitting services, the first fitting is usually charged at an hourly rate even if the time for such fitting continues beyond that hour. Explanation of the requirements to fulfill the alteration, restoration, or design services will be explained. General estimates can be given, but the final cost will be adjusted as necessary.

Second, third, or further fittings, if required in custom made or special alteration garments, are also charged at an hourly rate. Typically, most alterations require a first fitting, a second, and/or a final fitting.

Final fittings have no charge. If alterations or changes need to be made at final fitting and they are due to some omission or mistake by us, then there will not be a further charge to correct those adjustments.

However, if the client decides to make changes that have gone beyond the planned alteration, or if anything further is added afterthought, then hourly charges will apply.

There are two hourly rates, general items and bridal. The bridal items are slightly higher rates per hour due to the detailed nature of the work and the expertise required. In-house purchases are given a discount in the general and bridal hourly rate. Items from outside the shoppe or salon are charged at the standard rates per hour.

Special contracted rates are available for certain items and situations. Fees are subject to change and will be posted in shop and salon.

Please Note: Sales Tax will be added where applicable at final purchase and/or payment. That rate is 07%. Clothing and alteration are tax exempt for items offered at the VFR.