Mission Statement

The Vintage Fitting Room realizes the intergenerational value of family ceremonies and celebrations and the special quality and selection process for the garments worn for these transformational occasions. The roots of The Vintage Fitting Room come from the women of ages past who performed dutifully and artfully what can be termed ,’The Gentle Arts.’ With a deep bow of appreciation to the women in my own family who sewed, knitted, crocheted, tatted, and created lovely pieces of handiwork and artfully made clothing, the VFR is dedicated to create, transform, preserve, and recreate precious pieces for the present enjoyment of wearing something very specially made and for the saving of that garment for the generations to come.

There is a beauty to clothing that allows us to stay connected in our lives to times past and to the future while continuing to weave a weft that can be felt through many lifetimes. God has blessed me with a skill that has been honed by watching my oldsters value the work of their hands and heart. With integrity to the garment, an eye for detail, experienced years of custom work given freely, and a desire to serve those discriminating clientele with my finest effort, I want the Vintage Fitting Room to provide finely made, restored, and/or recreated vintage, formal, and bridal garments that give an ambiance for the wearer and visual pleasure to those whose sartorial discernment is above and beyond the average.

The shop offers the community a sense of beauty and gives my clientele a space to rest, recall, and rekindle their allurement to the fine quality of custom and specially made clothing from years past. Despite economic changes, family celebrations continue and festive fine clothing remains a mainstay of those celebrations. The Vintage Fitting Room provides beautiful and custom clothing and accessories to add enjoyment and happiness to these transitional celebration memories.