Additional VFR Policies and Procedures

Careful attention to detail is the VFR policy and our goal is to assure that our clientele are totally satisfied and pleased with our merchandise and with our work. We want your experience with us to be a happy occasion and one that you and yours will return to enjoy. As our hours at the shoppe and salon change, please remember to phone first to assure we will be open. For our on-line customers, every effort will be made to return your phone calls or e-mails in as timely a manner as possible.

The merchandise offered by the VFR is in good to excellent wearable condition unless we have something that is strictly used as a pattern for creating a new item. We examine our garments with care to assure they are as perfect as they can be for their age and wear. On-line we list all details, including any defects as honestly as possible. Before any item is shipped, it is examined again to assure the buyer is receiving all that has been listed. We try to photograph our pieces with the best vantage point and will continue to explore adding additional photographs for the information to our on-line buyers. Usually we let the garment ‘speak’ for itself and do not try to manipulate the garment while it is on the mannequin for the photograph. Sometimes, we may try to emphasize an aspect of the garment for proper view or consideration. We try to make our on-line customers feel as if they are right here in the shoppe or salon.

In the on-line photographs we may include some accessories to accentuate a particular garment or aspect of that garment. The use of these accessories and any under laying crinolines, slips, or corsets will be itemized separately and not included with the price of the focus garment unless stated otherwise. For instance, in some sheer gowns, the under slip is included with the dress as part of the gown. If a hat and gloves is included in the photographic set up, they will probably not be included with the sale of a gown and are used to emphasize a period, style, or just make the photograph engaging. Please phone if you have a question regarding such concerns.